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NEW HP dv4 LED LCD CABLE 494977-001 DC02000LE00
  • NEW HP dv4 LED LCD CABLE 494977-001 DC02000LE00

HP Pavilion DV4 series (dv4-1001xx dv4-1003tx dv4-1042tx dv4-1048tx dv4-1049tx dv4-1220us dv4-1222nr dv4-1225dx dv4-1228ca dv4-1251xx dv4-1302xx dv4-1308ca dv4-1320ca dv4-1322us dv4-1412nr dv4-1427nr dv4-1428ca dv4-1428dx dv4t-1000 dv4t-1200 dv4t-1300 dv4t-1400 dv4t-1600 dv4z-1000 dv4z-1000 dv4z-1200 ) LED LCD CABLE 494977-001 DC02000LE00 You can custom your own ffc cables by clicking here.5 days leading time.


Mfg. Part#: 494977-001 DC02000LE00
Condition:  New Factory Original Part
Warranty:   90 Days Warranty

Do I have the correct cable?
* Each lcd cable is specific to the laptop from which it came out of. There are no substitutes for these cables. Substituting this part may result in damaging your laptop.
* When searching for a lcd cable make sure the make and model of the display in our Description matches yours.
* Verify the part number(s), description and our actual picture of the product.
* Touchpad, inverter cables and power button cables are specific for the model they are designed for and cannot be substituded.
* Common indications of a bad lcd cable are: (a) distorted colors (b) lines (c) white display, among others.
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